Hay!.. Wednesday 10th April.. 
Well I'm not very good at talking about myself , so I don't have an 'about me' section on my web but I guess it's important to know what sort of person will be looking after one of the most special days of your life. 
My name is what it says on the tin. Michèle Jetzer. I live in Bristol with my two beautiful (not just because they are mine) kids, Phoenix & Star. 
I've got an interesting background & skill set that has lead to understand all elements of a wedding day.
I left school at 16 and worked a hard 40 hour week on a YTS getting paid £27.50 a week in window dressings & retail. Customer service was key & so was detail in design. This was drummed in to me at an early age.
Running a high street shoe store at the age of 20 I then wanted a change of career. I moved into hospitality & worked as a cocktail bartender in a very busy trendy Bristol bar. At the time it was very male dominated, the hours were long, weekends were a must & not very glam! So as a side line I started to organise Fashion Shows for charity. Pulling young fashion designers, local stores, friends that DJ along into fun events across the city. 
My mother passed away of cancer when I was just 23. I think if this had not of happened then I would have gone on to go back in to fashion but I needed a change and took to travelling the world for two years. Immersed in understanding other cultures (the internet had just begun) I had various situations that needed me to think quick on my feet! On return I spent time in London working as a hostess in Covent Garden in a restaurant seating over 600 covers per night. This is where my LOVE of floor plans began.. Weird I know but organisation was so key and watching it come together every night was such a great challenge. 
Unsure of next steps I took a course in drama that lead to drama school. I met some of my very best friends of today. Drama school is not easy. You must NOT be late, you must have discipline, courage, be super organised and have a complete LOVE of what you do. This is when I fell in LOVE with LOVE. The classics/Shakespeare.. I also liked directing. Again the coming of everything together was such a thrill. I always had an eye for the most talented. After one year of failing actress in L.A I moved back to my apartment in Bristol & took up a role as a hostess again & they shortly offered me a job as a wedding CoOrdinator, looking after two  venues (one new, one established)  in the now 'The Florist' on Park St In Bristol.. The pay was good and I had college fees to pay back so I said yes.
Setting up a new division lead me to meet some of Bristol's most lovely wedding suppliers. Every part of being a wedding CoOrdinator makes me smile. I understand the design element, the practical catering elements, the time restraints & pressure. The details, the floor plans, the importance of the flow. I see who the best suppliers are & when they should slot in. I've been lucky to work with city chic restaurants, stately homes, outdoor structures, Industrial spaces. I've learnt so much with the craving to always better every wedding I do. With my knowledge I now consult with venues to help them streamline operations and very excited with a few projects upcoming for 2020, including a dis-used church! 
I LOVE my job and after 12 years & over 400 weddings I couldn't think of a better career. 
My most proud moment being 'crowned' the UK's best wedding CoOrdinator at The Wedding Industry Awards..
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